Use GearUp to boost school spirit by offering students and their families the opportunity to purchase branded merchandise from your customized storefront.

Apparel to remember.

Everything about getting one’s very own school hoodie or t-shirt is special. Go above and beyond for students and parents and we’ll help you offer them the very best items for lasting memories.

We provide schools with a versatile and customised website that they may use for order placing, fundraising, and other purposes such as spreading the word about upcoming collections.

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Gear Up creates a free and custom e-commerce website for each school that will have its own unique logos and colours. The website may be used for pop-up stores or permanent e-stores, and they can have an unlimited number of collections. Your school will directly benefit from your e-store since you get 15 percent back on every transaction.

Popular items for schools

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GearUp is built for schools to have a hassle-free experience when it comes to offering branded apparel to students and their families as well as giving you a convenient solution for fundraising your next school trip, dance, and more.

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